New Hope in Pictures

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Another blog is  New Hope in Pictures. New Hope is a five-year capital campaign of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem. The Campaign’s five years are officially over though contributions may still be made. New Hope is divided between our companion diocese of Kajo-Keji in the world’s newest country, South Sudan (75%), and the Needy in Northeastern Pennsylvania (25%). The blog principally concerns Kajo-Keji.

New Hope in Kajo-Keji is this picture, exemplifying our mission there. A school bombed out during the civil war necessitates classes to meet under the mango tree. Scattered debris in the foreground shows the scant attention to the environment in a subsistence economy. New Hope in Kajo-Keji has constructed five primary schools, a secondary school with a dormitory, and the Canon Benaiah Poggo College in Romogi.

New Hope in Pictures chronicles the eight trips I have made to Kajo-Keji on behalf of New Hope to plan, to construct, to dedicate, and to inspect the various buildings of the seven schools. The chronicles are cultural and theological observations about the contrasts and similarities of my experiences and those of my sisters and brothers in Kajo-Keji. I welcome your comments.