Table of Contents


I.     About Catechesis Topics

II.   God Makes Himself Known

1.     Revelation

2.     The Old Testament

3.     The New Testament

4.     The Apocrypha and the Septuagint

III.  God Takes You to Himself

1.     The Need for a Redeemer

2.     The Atonement in the Scriptures

3.     Atonement Theories

4.     Holy Baptism

5.     Confirmation

IV.  Being Christ’s Own Forever

1.     The Inspiration of the Holy Ghost

2.     The Holy Eucharist

3.     Justification, Sanctification, and Judgment

4.     The Faithful Departed

V.     The Foundations of Anglicanism

1.     Reason

2.     Scripture

3.     Tradition

V.     Lay Leadership

1.     The Background of the Vestry

2.     The Canons concerning Vestries

3.     Leadership and the Vestry